Just about every electrical and electronic device – whether computers or video streaming – depends entirely on the performance of your network. A fast and reliable network ensures all of your technology runs properly. Next Level Technology is the region’s most advanced Network, Wi-Fi and systems integration company. Since 1996, we’ve designed, installed and monitored hundreds of the most demanding projects in Florida.

At Next Level Technology we are committed to offer only the finest and most reliable brands in each system we design. We specialize in “value engineering” in order to give our clients the most for their investment. We are constantly updating our product selections to ensure the latest in technological advancements.



What is the key to providing a fast and reliable internet experience? Designing a high quality network that supports your current and soon-to-be devices simultaneously – from smartphones and iPads to video conferencing and streaming music. Your network also needs to be secure. It’s of the utmost importance to protect all your devices and information throughout your organization or residence with the highest level of encryption.


Build the right data backbone you you have the foundation for fast and reliable cloud and internet. We are the region’s networking and Wi-Fi experts. Whether adding a lounge for your employees, digital signage, an airplane hanger or a new boardroom video conferencing system, we will design the perfect system to integrate your technology needs.


Office music and paging, home theater in-ceiling speakers, hidden bluetooth speakers in your warehouse. Easy, fun, everywhere. We provide the design, sales, installation and support of audio systems located anywhere – even in a swimming pool.


Want to know if the pets are behaving or what the kids are up to? Our smart home systems integrate cameras into the same application for easy check-ins on the home front.

Lighting Control

Program lights for one room or the entire house for efficiency and ease of use. Whether it’s warmly lit accent lighting for a romantic dinner or a pathway to your kitchen, lighting scenes make it easy to set the perfect mood.


Movies provide escape, inspiration, and influence how we view the world. Dedicating a space in your home for a theater or media room is an awesome experience for yourself, friends and family alike to come together and watch movies, a favorite TV series, or catch the latest game.

Smart Home Automation

Daily tasks become effortless and efficient with home automation; simplifying home technology and freeing up your time. From a simple app on your smartphone/tablet, or from a whole home remote, control the many features of your house anywhere, anytime.


  • Ruckus
  • Elan
  • RTI
  • Lutron
  • Sonos
  • Luxul
  • Nest
  • Samsung
  • LG
  • Sunbrite
  • Barco
  • TruTouch
  • Origin Acoustics
  • Google
  • Amazon
  • IC Realtime
  • Wilson
  • SnapAV


“Technology has outpaced my ability to manage it! Fortunately there are people like the staff at Next Level Technology who are incredibly knowledgeable and ready and willing to go out of their way to find and implement solutions that work for the rest of us. As a bonus, although I am fairly far from them geographically they have consistently been able to schedule my work as if I were down the street. I highly recommend his company.”

Patti D

“My wife and I hired Next Level Technology to design, purchase and install a new audio/visual system for our home. Steve provided great service and good value. He delivered a final product that we have enjoyed for almost two years and has provided great follow up service when we have had questions, particularly around issues with the remote controls that my kids continually damage. I have recommended Steve to friends and I will continue to do so.”

Ryan S.

“Steve did a phenominal job and is always available when we have questions. He has a marvelous personality and really knows his stuff. We would reccommend him and Next Level Technologies to ANYONE!”

Mannie P.

“Steve knows his stuff. He is very creative and gets to know his clients before making purchase recommendations. He uses the best manufactures and integrates each piece of equipment to each other perfectly.”

Dana K.

“Knowledgeable and educated on the latest’s technology”
“Responsive to the needs of clients”
“Represented the best in equipment”

Gerald F
Coyright 2019 Next Level Technology